Teaching presentations

Students in Mass Communication Teaching and I identify issues related to teaching and learning that we want to discuss during the semester. Based on the topics we develop, each class member selects a topic to develop as a teaching presentation. Each teaches class, incorporating different instructional techniques and strategies for class involvement. The follow are blog posts the graduate students wrote to provide highlights from their presentations.

Discipline Problems
Tips for avoiding and dealing with discipline problems in the college classroom – Lauren Darm
8 ideas to remember about classroom discipline
– Anthony Eseke
Tips for dealing with problem students and students with problems Mariana De Maio

Tips for promoting effective discussion in your college classroom – Summer Best
Using discussion helps promote student learning – Carina Seagrave
4 techniques for promoting class discussion – Ronen Shay

How to be more culturally responsive in your teaching – Angela (Xiaochen) Zhang
6 tips for promoting cultural diversity in the classroom – Alexa Lopez

Experiential learning
Tips for designing experiential learning and studio teaching – Gary Green

Group projects
5 top reasons for success and 5 top reasons for failure of class group projects Yulia Strekalova
Developing and using group assignments – Jordan Neil

Large classes
Tips for handling large classes – Nicki Karimipour
7 tips to help you prepare to teach large auditorium classes – Anthony Palomba
4 tips for teaching large lecture courses – Gillian Wheat

Learning Styles
Consider different learning styles when you plan your teaching – Jessica Marsh
Being aware of different learning styles can make you a more effective teacherLinda Riedemann
Being aware of your own learning style can make you more effective in designing instruction for student learning styles Lauren Bayliss

Strategies for improving student learning through intrinsic motivation – Steve Waters

Creating Rubrics: The art of evaluation – Andrea E. Hall
Tips for developing and using rubrics – Kristina Birnbrauer
6 advantages of rubrics for students and teachers – Chris Wilson

Students with disabilities
Students with Learning Disabilities: An Opportunity for Inclusive Pedagogy in the College Classroom – Erica Newport
The why and how of making accommodations for students with disabilities – Kevin Hull

Strategies for using technology effectively in the college classroom – Naa Amponsah Dodoo
Lectures come alive: Using technology effectively in large classrooms – Ginger Blackstone
3 tips for incorporating technology into your college classes – Megan Mallicot
10 tips to improve and incorporate technology use into your teaching – Ethan Magoc
5 advantages and 5 disadvantages of using technology in higher education – Ronan Shay
Using technology to promote student-centered learning – Hasani McIntosh

How to Write a Multiple Choice Test — dos and don’ts – Holly Cowart
Tips for developing and administering multiple-choice tests – Antionette Rollins

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