Help students prepare for career decisions

The end of a term is challenging for college students as they complete final projects and take exams.

UF PRSSA students

These students were on the way to the PRSSA national convention. Being involved in a professionally focused student organization helps students learn more about the field and make contacts that can lead to internships and jobs.

But for many students, another big challenge comes after the term is completed and the grades are determined.

That’s when they go home and are asked by their parents, relatives and others who know them in the community: “What do you plan to do after you graduate?”

Students (even freshmen) often feel like they should know what their career goal is. But many aren’t sure or are hesitant to announce career goals in case all doesn’t go as planned.

I was reminded of students’ career concerns when I recently observed a graduate student teaching assistant who was teaching the last lab of the semester.

He ended class by asking how many students knew what their career goals were. About a third raised their hands…with a few more raising their hands, it seemed, as they thought they should know.

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