Effective transitions between classroom activities

by Julie Dodd

As instructors, we’re often so focused on the content of the lesson that we don’t think about the importance of structuring effective transitions between different segments of the class.

students editing in computer lab

Having students work in pairs or small groups promotes active learning. But it’s important to plan your transition between activities to make good use of class time.

A reader of my blog who is a math teacher noted that lack of smooth transitions can lead to losing class time or even losing students’ attention for the rest of the class.

That comment motivated me to share some tips about structuring transitions between classroom activities.

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8 ideas to remember about classroom discipline

by Anthony Eseke
Ph.D. student, University of Florida

1.     Just as bayberries symbolize discipline and instruction because the berries are held together even in their hundreds, so too discipline connects all the dots of classroom management and pedagogy.

2.     Discipline should be restorative not punitive.

3.     Aspire toward referent power where classroom discipline becomes a product of students’ identification with, respect, and attraction to the personality of the instructor.

4.     Try to understand why students behave the way they do.

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