Online resources

The following are a few of the online resources that can help you become a more effective teacher.

teacher-center-berkeleyUniversity teaching centers are a great resource for both beginning and experienced college teachers. A quick Google search for “university teaching centers” will give you dozens of centers to chose from. You may want to start first by checking to see if the college or university where you teach has a teaching center to identify resources and workshops specific for your campus. But much of what is included on university teacher center websites are resources that can be used in any teaching setting — how to promote class discussion, how to design learning objectives, how to created multiple-choice exams, etc.

The Chronicle of Higher Education is a helpful resource for anyone teaching in higher education.
* Go to the homepage to see links to stories in higher education that range from political issues to teaching hacks.
* On the Jobs page, you can browse for jobs and read advice on job hunting, developing curriculum, and being a successful faculty member. This is one location for finding possible faculty jobs.

Inside Higher Education is another useful resource for faculty, adjuncts and teaching assistants.
* The homepage provides links to news stories and blogs.
* The Jobs page provides updated information about jobs in higher education, and the Career Advice section addresses issues from soliciting pre-promotion evaluations to dealing with academic bullying.


HBCU DigestHBCU Digest addresses news, culture, commentary and investigative views of the international HBCU (Historically Black College/University) community. The website includes a link to campus news stories and encourages reader engagement.


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