12 strategies for maximizing cultural diversity in the classroom

by Toluwani C. Oloke
Ph.D Student, University of Florida

Toluwani C. Oloke

Toluwani C. Oloke

Here are 12 tips for teachers to help them improve course design and instruction to recognize and promote cultural diversity in the classroom.

  1. Appreciate the diversity; understand the diversity as a quality of wealth of perspectives and differences in terms of: language, personalities and learning styles.
  2. Consider students’ cultures and language skills when developing learning objectives and instructional activities — technology use and familiarity, perceptions of personal space, and individual vs group projects.
  3. Facilitate conducive learning and classroom environment that promotes sense of belonging, mutual respect and value for others’ opinions.
  4. Incorporate multiple assessment and teaching styles to engage all students in ways that are culturally, cognitively and linguistically responsive and appropriate. individually.
  5. Monitor student progress individually when possible, even when they are working in groups.
  6. Build a relationship with students.
  7. Culturally contextualized illustrations in class do not always help. Use neutral non-stereotype illustrations that all students can understand or easily learn.
  8. Make class participatory.
  9. Use simulations.
  10. Let students explore their strengths and understanding in multiple ways.
  11. Hold all students to high expectations.
  12. Eliminate stereotype biases and myths about students; instead, know your students as individuals.


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Toluwani C. Oloke is a doctoral student in the College of Journalism and Communications. This blog post is based on a presentation she made in Mass Communication Teaching (MMC 6930).


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