8 technology tools college teachers can use

by Jieun Chung
Ph.D. student, University of Florida

Jieun Chung

Jieun Chung

College teachers’ approach to teaching has changed due to the increase in technology tools available.

So, why do teachers use technology?

Technology can help demonstrate points and material in a more helpful way. Teachers can present their lectures in various ways. Also, technology encourages students to share their thoughts both during and outside class.

Students can access various contents by using technology, which promotes students’ opportunities to expand their knowledge, devote more focus to the course material, and experience increased motivation to actively learn.

The following technology tools can be helpful to facilitate more effective teaching:

#1- PowerPoint
– Most prevalent tool for teaching
– Check spelling and grammar!
– Use light backgrounds and dark color schemes and vice versa.

#2 – Prezi
– Offers “zooming” presentation method.
– Provides more visualization than PowerPoint.
– Do not use excessive useless motions.

#3 – Email
– Enables teachers to address questions outside class.
– Ask students to use Microsoft Word or PDF when attaching files.

#4 – Skype
– Is a useful tool for guest speakers who aren’t nearby.
– Saves time and money of trying to bring a speaker to class.
– Be prepared for possible technological problems.

#5 – Clicker
– Interactive technology method.
– Useful tool to collect students’ responses.
– Can immediately reteach a topic that students don’t understand.

#6 – Facebook
– Encourage spontaneous communication.
– Facilitates sharing of information between students and teachers more readily.

#7 – YouTube
– Enables teachers to show various video clips.
– Remembers to check the entire video clip before the class.
– Limit the length of video clips.

#8 – Twitter
– Provides easy access to and posting of homework assignments to students.
– Facilitates interaction outside the classroom.


Jieun Chung is a doctoral student in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida  and a student in Mass Communication Teaching (MMC 6930).




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