Prepare for discussion of curriculum development with readings and writing proposal for a course you’d like to develop

by Julie Dodd

Curriculum development is an important part of a faculty member’s work. Curriculum development can mean creating a brand new course, updating and revising an already existing course, or creating lesson plans, class plans or assignments and grading criteria.

We’ll talk about both the big picture of curriculum development and the specifics next week in class.

To prepare for Monday’s class (Jan. 13):

  1. Identify an undergraduate communications course that you’d like to develop. You can select a course that is offered in our college or that is offered in another communications program, or you can develop a new course.
  2. Use the template that I’ve provided to develop a proposal for the course. Bring the printed proposal to class next week. mmc6930_course_proposal_template
  3. Read the ACEJMC accrediting standards. Consider how the accrediting standards affect a communications program’s curriculum. We’ll discuss those standards, with each of you providing a brief explanation of the standard that you were assigned.
  4. Read The Gainesville Sun’s article on stories of 2013 that were about UF — that’s about the first four pages for the story as posted online. How do the issues discussed in the story impact curriculum development?

We’ll talk about how different organizations and constituencies — from the accrediting organization to the state legislature to media professionals — impact curriculum development and faculty positions.


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