Strategies for recognizing and promoting cultural differences in the college classroom

by Lynsey Saunders
Ph.D. student, University of Florida

Many terms or phrases may come to mind when trying to consider what cultural diversity means.

The classroom is one of the most culturally diverse settings for students and teachers. Everyone in the classroom may share similarities, but each person’s individual differences could really help enhance the learning environment.

It’s best to look at cultural diversity in the classroom as bringing parts of a whole together. Teaching students that each one of them can contribute something innovative, unique, and worthwhile based on their backgrounds will help bring their learning experience full circle.

The University of Florida provides many resources that promote diversity in the classroom.

The UF International Center offers resources for international students and allows any student at UF to explore study abroad options.

The Dean of Students Office offers resources for students with children, health and wellness resources, and disability resources.

The Multicultural Diversity Affairs showcases most of the diversity programs like The Institute of Black Culture, The Institute of Hispanic-Latino Culture, and LGBT affairs, to name a few.


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