8 ideas to remember about classroom discipline

by Anthony Eseke
Ph.D. student, University of Florida

1.     Just as bayberries symbolize discipline and instruction because the berries are held together even in their hundreds, so too discipline connects all the dots of classroom management and pedagogy.

2.     Discipline should be restorative not punitive.

3.     Aspire toward referent power where classroom discipline becomes a product of students’ identification with, respect, and attraction to the personality of the instructor.

4.     Try to understand why students behave the way they do.

5.     See a discipline issue as a teachable moment for your students.

6.     Listen and keep your cool.

7.     Talk to your colleagues about discipline issues in class because after all “two good heads might better than one.”

8.     Remember that students are also human and they joggle with many issues.


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Anthony Eseke is a student in Mass Communication Teaching (MMC 6930).


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