Being aware of different learning styles can help you be a more effective teacher

by Linda Riedemann
Master’s student, University of Florida

4 Types of Learners (Using VARK Scale):

  1. Visual
  2. Aural
  3. Read/Write
  4. Kinesthetic

Tips on Teaching VARK Learning Styles:

1.     Visual

  • Use visual tools (models, graphics, charts, photographs, drawings, 3-D modeling, video, television, multimedia, texts with pictures/charts/graphs)
  • Highlight/color code books and notes
  • Flashcards
  • Write important material on the board

2.     Aural

  • Use discussion groups
  • Have students do presentations in front of the class
  • Q & A sessions
  • Lecture
  • Engage in conversations with students

3.     Read/Write

  • Use a textbook
  • Have writing assignments
  • Include essay questions in exams
  • Allow for independent study/reading time
  • Provide handouts
  • Use PPT and/or write on board

4.     Kinesthetic

  • Take short but frequent breaks
  • Allow students to move around the room
  • Use role play
  • Include hands-on learning
  • Incorporate field trips
  • Encourage internships

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences:          

1.     Logical
2.     Visual
3.     Musical
4.     Intra-Personal
5.     Inter-Personal
6.     Kinesthetic
7.     Naturalistic
8.     Linguistic

A few other theories (not covered in class):

·      Richard Felder and Barbara Soloman’s Four Dimension of Learning:

·      Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT System:

·      Malcolm Knowles’s Adult Learning Theory:

Link to Prezi Presentation:


  • Gardner, H. (1993). Multiple intelligences: the theory in practice. New York, NY: Basic Books.
  • Sarasin, L. C. (1999). Learning style perspectives: impact in the classroom. Madison, WI: Atwood Publishing.
  • Sims, R. (1995). The importance of learning styles: Understanding the implications for learning, course design, and education. West Port, CT: Greenwood Press.












Linda Reidemann is a student in Mass Communication Teaching (MMC 6930).

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