5 advantages and 5 disadvantages of technology in higher education

by Ronen Shay
PhD student, University of Florida

rebootEach student in our Mass Communication Teaching course was asked to give a one-minute presentation about a specific topic or innovator from the text, “Rebooting the Academy: 12 Tech Innovators who are Transforming Campuses.”

While one minute is not generally conducive to more than an explanation of the key points of a specific innovator the topic, “What are the overall advantages and disadvantages of technology in higher education,” lends itself to a David Letterman Top 10 list (or in this case 2x Top 5 lists).

So without further ado the…

Top 5 Disadvantages of Using Technology in Higher Education:

5) Many professors will require re-training in how to apply technology.
4) Intellectual property ownership is difficult to protect, piracy is inevitable.
3) Has the potential to decrease the revenues brick and mortar institutions generate.
2) Difficult to regulate, and therefore potential for corruption is high.
1) Potential to diminish the overall value and experience of an in-person education.

Top 5 Advantages of Using Technology in Higher Education:

5) New methods for teaching and organizing material.
4) Deregulation of transfer credits and other student restricting regulations.
3) Potential for lower textbook prices.
2) Potential for lower tuition prices.
1) Increased accessibility to higher education.

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