Jon Morris provides overview to current media situation and how that impacts us as faculty

Jon Morris, chair of the College Faculty Senate, is the leader and moderator of today’s discussion of the media’s future and curriculum.

He’s providing a context for our discussion with statistics and developments.

Here’s what he says we are up against:

Jon Morris used the Sunday Gainesville Sun to illustrate the traditional model of financing newspapers, where advertising (all the brochures on the floor) provide the majority of funding for the newspaper production.

* Advertising – Loss of audience and sources
* Journalism – Loss of circulation, weak online use
* Public relations – The impact of blogs and Twitter
* Telecommunications – TV rating issues, Internet radio, TV online

Traditional Media – Outward Focused

The Internet – Inward Focused

“We need a strategy for moving forward,” Morris says.

He challenges us to think about what we stand for as a college and then what can we do in our departments and how we can work together as departments.


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